what to place on a coffee table

What to Place on a Coffee Table:

Coffee tables are the mainstay of many living rooms, and can dramatically influence how your space looks. A well-styled coffee table can add a pop of color and texture to anchor the furniture in your space and set the mood. Here are some tips on what to place on your coffee table:

Decorative Pieces:

  • Books: Books, especially large hardcover books, can add an interesting texture and height to your coffee table. A stack of books also serves as an interesting conversation piece and looks nice when styled with other items.
  • Ceramics and statues: Ceramics, statues and decorative items can help add personality to your table and serve as a great conversation starter.
  • Priceless mementos: Whether you have a special vase from your grandmother or a painting from a family member, adding a special memento to your table can bring a personal touch to your space.

Functional Pieces

  • Tray: An attractive tray can be a great way to organize items and keep your table looking tidy. Trays are particularly useful for collecting items like remotes, coasters and other items that can easily be lost in the clutter.
  • Storage: If your table has a concealed storage compartment, this can be a great place to store books, extra magazines and other less attractive items.
  • Coffee table books: Coffee table books can be a great way to add color and interest to your table. Look for books with interesting photographs or graphics to add a dynamic look.

Styling Tips:

  • Group items together: Grouping items together can help create an interesting juxtaposition and keep your table looking tidy.
  • Mix materials: Mixing materials like glass, wood, metal and stone can help create an interesting visual look. Look for items that have a similar color palette to keep the look cohesive.
  • Vary height: To keep your table interesting, vary the height of items by stacking books, displaying vases and adding other decorative objects.

When styling your coffee table, the key is to create a cohesive look that reflects your unique personal style. With thoughtful styling and the right pieces, your coffee table can be a beautiful focal point that adds visual interest to your space.

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