what to make with old coffee table

What to do With an Old Coffee Table

Reinvent it with a New Look

If you have an old coffee table that you’re not fond of, consider giving it a fresh new look. This can be done in a variety of ways:

  • Paint it a different color
  • Stain it with a wood finish
  • Add decoupage to the surface
  • Apply wallpaper or fabric to the sides
  • Update it with a new style of trim

By reinventing your coffee table, it can become a stylish and unique interior décor feature.

Make Your Own Repurposed Furniture

Another option for an old coffee tables is to repurpose it into something new. This can include:

  • A bench with seating cushions
  • A small desk
  • A play table with chalkboard paint
  • A plant stand
  • A ottoman with upholstery

The possibilities are virtually endless depending on your imagination, but whatever you decide, it will make a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture.

Donate or Sell Your Coffee Table

If you’re not interested in keeping or reinventing an old coffee table, consider donating or selling it. You may even earn some money!

  • Group garage sales or swap with friends
  • Sell your table on classified listing websites
  • Donate it to a thrift store or charity

By donating or selling your coffee table, you can use the money toward a new one or invest it in something else.

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