what to make out of glass coffee jars

What to Make Out of Glass Coffee Jars?

Glass coffee jars can’t only be used to store coffee, they can also be converted into smart and practical things that you can use in your home.


Cut off the lid of the coffee jar and you will have an amazing terrarium. Fill it with sand and gravel, then add soil and some plants. All the plants that love humidity, like fern or moss, will do great. You can add fun and colorful decorations, such as mini figurines or rocks, to give it a unique personality.

Pen Holders

Take a glass jar and create a creative pen holder out of it. You can use anything you want, from colorful yarn to bright ribbons and beads. Make one for each of your home’s residents or give one as a gift to a colleague.


A glass jar of coffee can also be converted into a small vase, perfect to put on a side table. Select a subtle color palette and add some of your favorite flowers and plants.

Candle Holder

A great thing to make out of a glass jar of coffee is a candle holder. Add a few drops of wax, then place a tealight and relax.

Other Ideas:

  • Utensil holder – Just fill it up with utensils and you have a great kitchen addition!
  • Money box – You can decorate is as you wish, why not with a motivational quote or picture.
  • Bathroom storage – Fill it up with cotton swabs and bubble bath – easy peasy!

Glass coffee jars can be transformed into amazing and practical home decorations with a few DIY skills and a bit of creativity. Have fun exploring new ideas and seeing how you can spruce up your home!

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