what to make out of glass coffee jars

What to Make Out of Glass Coffee Jars

Coffee lovers, rejoice! Recycling glass coffee jars into clever projects is a super affordable way to add a personalized touch to your home (not to mention reduce your environmental footprint). Here are a few ideas to jumpstart your crafty side:

Jewelry Box

Remove the lid of the jar and creatively glue various items on the exterior. Gather an assortment of buttons, beads, ribbons, decals, or other shimmering adornments and securely attach them to the jar body. Secure the lid once you’ve finished and voila: a pretty place to store your jewelry!

Flower Vase

Simply fill the jar with water and add a few bright blooms. Place one in a sunny kitchen window to add a splash of color or pair multiple vases down a dining table for a centerpiece. You can also ditch the flowers and use the vase to serve up to your favorite mixed drinks.

Candle Holder

For a muted, candlelit evening, a glass coffee jar filled with wax makes for a great candle holder. To make your project even more unique, add dried herbs or rocks for a pop of color.

Bathroom Organizer

Turn your coffee jar into an easy organization tool by adding a few bathroom essentials. Fill the jar with cotton balls, bandaids, washcloths, and other small sanitary items. To make things more aesthetic, tie a bow or ribbon around the jar neck.

Mason Jar Utensils

Great for a sweet gathering, paint mason jars to look like silverware! Paint the jar with acrylic paint and once dried, attach a little cutlery to the jar lid. Et voila! An adorable and vegetarian friendly way to eat!

Make the most out of your coffee habits; upcycle and repurpose glass coffee jars into unique DIY projects. It’s an easy, affordable way to make your décor and living environment one-of-a-kind!

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