what to keep on coffee table

What To Keep On Coffee Table

The coffee table is the central focal point of your living room and, when well decorated, gives your space a cozy and inviting look. Here are some tips for what should and shouldn’t go on your coffee table.


  • Candles – Candles are an excellent way to add warmth and ambience to your living room. Choose candles in a variety of shapes, sizes, and scents to create a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Magazines – Magazine racks are designed to store magazines but can easily double as a chic way to add texture and colour to your coffee table.
  • Flowers – Flowers are an easy and affordable way to bring life and colour to your coffee table. Choose seasonal flowers for maximum effect.
  • Trays – Trays are a great way to corral small items and keep your coffee table top clutter-free.


  • Eating – It may seem like a good idea at the time, but eating on the coffee table is a definite no-no. Not to mention the crumbs which will work their way into the corners and fix into the cracks.
  • Sharp Objects – Keep sharp objects such as scissors, knives, and letter openers away from the coffee table. These items can scratch and damage the surface.
  • Heavy Objects – Anything too heavy to be lifted easily should be kept off the coffee table. This includes books, vases, and ornaments.
  • Dust Collectors – If it gathers dust, it doesn’t belong on your coffee table. Keep things like pizza boxes and drink cans off the table top.

Your coffee table should be a welcoming spot for friends and family. With the right items, you can create a cozy atmosphere and ensure that your living room looks its best.

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