what to have on your coffee table

What to Have on Your Coffee Table?

Nothing jazzes up a living room like a well-stocked coffee table. Having a designated space for displaying unique and interesting items can bring a whole new level of charm to your home. Here is a list of items that would look great on your coffee table:


A stylish stack of books can add depth to any design scheme. Magazines and coffee table books are the perfect way to break up your room and add a pop of color. Opt for thinner books or stack that make a statement but don’t overwhelm other items.


Trays are a must-have item on a coffee table, as they help keep other items in place and make them easy to move. Try layering items on a tray for an effortless look.

Trees or Greenery

Introduce a touch of the outside world to your living room with some greenery. Succulents are a great choice, as they require minimal care. Place them around the table to create a tranquil atmosphere.


Candles create a warm, inviting environment and come in many sizes and scents. Try mixing and matching different styles to give your table a truly unique look.


Accessories such as vases, sculptures, and decorative objects can add a personal touch to your space. Opt for items that are unique and have special meaning for you.

Decorative Dishes

Decorative dishes such as bowls, plates and platters can add a splash of color to your table. You could use them to hold small items like keys, coins, and jewelry.


You could also add photos or artwork to your table, either in frames or as loose prints. Not only can photographs add character to your room, but they can also be a conversation starter.

If you’re looking to add a little visual interest to your living room, having a well-stocked coffee table is a great place to start. With a few strategic items, you can create a stylish, inviting space.

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