what to do with small coffee table

What To Do With A Small Coffee Table

It is becoming increasingly common for households to own a small coffee table. So, there can be a few things that you can do with it.

The Classic Use

Firstly, the classic use is being a centre-piece for your living room where you put magazines, cups, plates, and etc. It is an easily accessible table which beats the classic side table as it is usually higher and closer to the sofa.

The Innovative Uses

Besides the classic use, here are some innovative ways to use a small coffee table:

  • Creating a Patio – If you have a garden or a small area, you can convert the small coffee table into a patio with some outdoor furniture. Create a seating arrangement with some cushion and arrange some small plants, flowerpots & vases onto the table to create an inviting ambience
  • Using It As A Bench – Want some extra seating in the living room or entrance of your house? Use your coffee table as an extra bench along with two additional chairs. It can double up as additional seating when you’re expecting people
  • Creating a Reading Nook – Create a cozy spot for yourself. Add a great variety of books and accessories that relate to your tastes to your table. Create another set up for snacks and a nice place to relax

These are just a few creative ideas for your small coffee table. With a tiny bit of effort and imagination, you can truly put it to great use.

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