what to do with old glass top coffee table

Reusing Your Old Glass Top Coffee Table

If your old glass top coffee table has seen better days, don’t let it go to waste! With a bit of creativity you can give it a new lease of life with these suggestions.

Desk Directory

One of the best ways to give your old coffee table a second chance is to turn it into a desk directory. It provides plenty of surface area for storage and organisation of important documents and miscellaneous items. Here are some of the features you could incorporate into your desk directory:

  • Drawers: Perfect for organising items like pens, staplers, paper clips and notebooks.
  • Shelving: Create several slots to store your office supplies, such as file folders, books and notepads.
  • File holders: Fit them onto the coffee table top to keep your files organised, even when they’re not tucked away in drawers.
  • Utility trays: These could provide you with an ideal place to drop keys, wallets and other items as you walk into your home office.

Garden Table

If you aren’t in need of a desk directory, you could turn your glass top coffee table into a garden table. Position it in your backyard or on the terrace and you’ll have the perfect spot to relax and enjoy your outdoor space. It could also be used for barbecues and outdoor gatherings with friends and family.

  • Durable frame: Make sure the frame of the table is in good nick for repeated use outdoors.
  • Attractive decor: Put a nice tablecloth on top and place an interesting centrepiece on it to complete the look.
  • Weatherproofing: A table cover or parasol can provide a layer of protection from the elements.
  • Lighting: Adding fairy lights or decorative lanterns will give your new garden table the perfect ambience.


No matter how you choose to reuse your old glass top coffee table, make sure you have fun with it! Upcycling is a great way to add life to a dull piece of furniture and turn it into something special. With some creativity and hard work you can easily transform your glass top coffee table into a practical and stylish addition to your home.

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