what to do with old glass coffee table

Tips to Upcycle an Old Glass Coffee Table

A glass coffee table is a classic piece of furniture that can last for years. But styles change, so eventually your table may look outdated. Instead of throwing it away, consider upcycling it for a renewed look. Here are some unique ideas for revitalizing your old glass coffee table:

1. Add a Shelf

You can create a multi-tiered look by adding a shelf underneath the existing glass tabletop. Just ensure the shelf is smaller than the tabletop and fits the existing legs.

2. Re-organize the Pieces

Take apart the glass tabletop, and rearrange it into an alternate shape. This can give your glass coffee table a fresh and modern look.

3. Transform with Fabric

You can give your table a whole new look by covering the middle section with fabric. Use glue, tack strips, or velcro to attach the fabric to the table. Be creative and use a striking pattern, or a bright and bold colour.

4. Paint the Base

Painting the base of your table is a great way to update its look by adding a pop of colour. Use a special paint for glass, and apply several coats depending on the colour and finish you want.

5. Play with Lighting

You can even turn your glass coffee table into a lighting piece. You could replace the glass tabletop with a light board and put in LEDs underneath. Or, add several small lamps that you can play around with to create different lighting effects.

These are just a few of the ways you can give your old glass coffee table a fresh look. With a bit of creativity and patience, you can give your table a chic and modern feel that celebrates your personal style.

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