what to do with old glass coffee table

Uses for Old Glass Coffee Tables

Few pieces of furniture are as striking as a glass coffee table. They combine beauty and a bit of glamour for a statement piece that can be used in many different ways. But when you have an old glass coffee table, what can you do with it? Here are six great ideas for reusing a glass coffee table.

1. Use it as a Room Divider

Glass coffee tables can be immaculately transformed into unique room dividers. Apart from the obvious use of separating two rooms, it can add an aesthetically pleasing look to your home. Having a transparent room divider will also let not only light but also the airy feeling of two rooms with access to each other.

2. Add Greenery

Fill some vases with small plants, set them on the glass coffee table, and watch the beauty of nature and furniture come together. Marginally tall plants like succulents and cacti work well as centerpieces on a glass table. Herbs can also look great as they cascade out of the vases and fill the room with the wonderful smell of foliage.

3. Add Lighting

Your glass coffee table can double as a unique lamp. Hang some lights from the ceiling over the table and position the bulbs such that the light is reflected from the table’s surface. You can also place small lamps of different shapes on the table to add a unique visual element to your home. LED lights in particular can make a glass table look super modern.

4. Use as a Serving Tray

The transparency of the glass can give you a glimpse of the beauty of food underneath. Place the glass coffee table over your ottoman and use it as a serving tray; it’ll surely make your tea party look chic and glamorous.

5. Add a Coffee Machine

You can turn your glass coffee table into a modern display shelf for your coffee machine. Place a sleek coffee maker on the table, surrounded with flowering plants, perhaps add in a tabletop aroma diffuser, and you’re ready to serve your favorite morning or evening treat.

6. Build a Home Bar

A glass coffee table can also be used to make a beautiful home bar. Place glass shelves, a bottle opener, some whiskey glasses, and other liquor and drink-related items on the table. If your coffee table is big enough, you can go a step further by adding a small refrigerator for soft drinks and chillers.

With a little imagination and some creative thinking, there are many ways to turn your old glass coffee table into something fresh and exciting for your home. Whether you’re looking for a unique way to divide a room, love adding greenery, or just want to spruce up your coffee corner, you’re sure to find great use of your glass coffee table.

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