what to do with old glass coffee table

Redecorating with an old glass coffee table

Do you have an old glass coffee table that’s been sitting in your living room for years? With a few creative ideas, you can turn it into a stylish and functional part of your home!

1. Repurpose it as a desk

Glass coffee tables are perfect for an at-home workspace. The material makes it look neat and fresh, and their generally small size means they can fit in any corner without taking up too much space. To give it an instant pop of colour, drape a patterned throw or tablecloth over it, and place it in front of a sunny window!

2. Refresh it with a new paint job

If you want to add a personal touch of style to your coffee table, why not give it a new paint job? Start by priming the skin of the table, then choose the colour or pattern you want to paint and go ahead! The glass top can also be customised, with a beautiful brushwork or decoupage artwork.

3. Revive the glass with vinyl

Stick-on vinyl is an easy way to give your table a cool and contemporary look without the fuss of repainting. For an added bonus, it also comes with a high-gloss finish for a fresher and more modern vibe. Plus, it’s easy to remove when you decide to switch up the style again.

4. Switch out the legs

If you want to give your glass table a more luxe look, try replacing the current legs with something more eye-catching. Wrought iron, timber or even brass legs can give your table an instant upgrade that is sure to turn heads.

5. Top it off

To complete your table makeover, consider adding a few decorative ornaments that will bring the look together. Here are some ideas to try:

  • Candlesticks and vases: Decorate the centre with a few quirky vases and candles, paired with books and plants for a stunning centrepiece.
  • Table runners: Protect the glass top with elegant runners that give a rich and beautiful contrast.
  • Table mats: Place textured table mats around the edges of the table for added warmth and texture.

With a few simple ideas, you can take that old glass coffee table and transform it into something new and amazing!

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