what to do with old glass coffee pots

3 Creative Ideas for Old Glass Coffee Pots

Glass coffee pots have become a delicate but beloved item of vintage kitchenware. If you have an old glass coffee pot, don’t let it collect dust in the back of your cupboard – instead, turn it into something new and fun. Here are three ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

1. Reuse as a Vase

One of the easiest and most practical ways to use an old coffee pot is to repurpose it as a vase. Many models of glass coffee pot feature a wide bottom that makes them ideal for holding a variety of flowers, succulents and other foliage. Cut the stems short to get maximum impact!

2. Upcycle into a Multiple-Purpose Holder

If you’re feeling a bit more ambitious, you could try turning your glass coffee pot into a multi-purpose holder. Glue a cork base to the bottom of the pot, and you’ve got yourself a great way to store kitchen utensils and small items like sewing materials. If you want to take it to the next level, you can use the same principle to construct an entire shelving structure.

3. Transform into a Fish Bowl

Finally, if you’re in the mood for a fun and quirky project, why not transform your old glass coffee pot into a fish bowl? Depending on the size of the pot, you might be able to fit a few colorful fish and a few live plants to brighten up any room. Just make sure to do your research so that you know that your fish will have a safe and happy home!

No matter which option you choose, an old glass coffee pot can be transformed into something beautiful, useful and eye-catching. So don’t let it sit in the dark corners of your kitchen – get creative and make something special!

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