what to do with old glass coffee pots

Using Old Glass Coffee Pots

Glass coffee pots are a wonderful but sometimes underrated kitchen item. Not only do they look great on your counter but they can be used for several different projects. Whether you’re trying to declutter or just looking for something new and fun to do, here are some ideas for putting your old glass coffee pots to good use.

Create a Terrarium

A terrarium is a beautiful and low-maintenance way to bring a touch of nature into your home. To start, line the pot’s bottom with rocks, activated charcoal and soil and add some small plants. Cactus and succulents work really well in terrariums, but you can also include miniature ivy, ferns, moss or other small plants or herbs.

Make a Vase

Bring a vibrant pop of color to the home by using old glass coffee pots as vases. Fill the pot with water and add fresh cut flowers, creating a unique and eye-catching decor piece.

Candle Holder

Not only can you use a glass coffee pot as a candle holder, but it can be a great option as a taper or drip candle holder. Fill the pot with water, and position the candle horizontally in the pot. If you add pretty stones to the base, your candle will become a beautiful centerpiece.

Storage Container

Turn old glass coffee pots into single-use storage containers. Perfect for tiny kitchen items or bathroom supplies, these classic containers are a stylish way to keep things organized.

Bird Feeders

Transform the pot into a bird feeder. Attach a tray to the bottom and fill it with bird seed or other food. Hang it from a tree and enjoy watching the birds as they come and dine.

Put Together an Emergency Kit

Put together a small emergency kit and store it in an old glass coffee pot. You can include things like cards, cash and a first aid kit, that way you’re always prepared.


Old glass coffee pots may no longer be functional for actually brewing coffee, but they still come in handy when it comes to creative projects. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your home, get creative or just out to declutter, try out some of these ideas for your old glass coffee pot.

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