what to do with old glass coffee jars

3 Creative Ideas on What to Do With Old Glass Coffee Jars

If you have old glass coffee jars gathering dust around the house, why not put them to good use and make something cool out of them? Here are 3 ideas to get the creative juices flowing:

1. Create Decorative Storage Containers

Glass coffee jars make for unique and stylish storage containers. It’s simple to turn your coffee jars into eye-catching storage containers that you can use in any room in your home.

  • First, decide what you want to store in the jar.
  • Remove the label and wash the jar with warm, soapy water and a cloth.
  • Use chalkboard paint or paint of your choice to decorate your jar.
  • Seal your painted coffee jar with a water-resistant sealer to make it easier to clean.

2. Make a Candle Holder

Glass coffee jars make beautiful candle holders, and are they are the perfect size to hold votive candles. To make a candle holder out of a coffee jar:

  • Prepare the coffee jar in the same way as you did for the storage container.
  • When the paint is dry, hot glue an acrylic gemstone (or any accessory of your choice) to the outside of the jar.
  • Place the votive candle inside the jar, light the candle and enjoy the soft light emanating from your newly created candle holder.

3. Create a Picture Frame

Large glass coffee jars make great picture frames. To make a picture frame from a coffee jar:

  • Clean the jar with warm, soapy water and a cloth.
  • Print a picture on photo paper that fits inside the jar.
  • Cut a piece of contact paper the same size as the picture and adhere it to the back of the picture.
  • Place the picture inside the jar, ensuring that the contact paper is facing inside.
  • Make sure the ring around the top of the jar is secure.

Turning old glass coffee jars into something useful is a fun and creative way to recycle them. With just a little bit of paint and imagination, you can make something special with old coffee jars and give them a new purpose.

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