what to do with old glass coffee jars

7 Creative Ideas for Repurposing Old Coffee Jars

If you love coffee and are regularly buying coffee beans or grounds, you might find yourself with a surplus of glass coffee jars. Instead of tossing them out, put them to use with the following creative ideas:

Organize Your Home

  • Storage: Coffee jars can be great for storing items such as nuts, bolts, screws and coins.
  • Organizers: Get creative in the kitchen or craft room and use them to organize food items, craft supplies and more.
  • Office Supplies: Repurpose coffee cans as organizers for pencils, pens, paper clips, rubber bands and other office supplies.

Organize Your Garden

  • Seedlings: Instead of buying plastic containers to start new seedlings, you can use coffee jars and help the environment.
  • Bird-Feeders: Cut a hole in the lid and fill the jar with bird seed. Hang the jar near your window or outside to attract wildlife.
  • Compost Bins: Coffee jars can be used to store and keep track of your compostable items throughout the week.

Organize Your Wardrobe

  • Jewelry: Repurpose old glass jars to store jewelry and other accessories.
  • Shoes: Place glass jars at the entrance of your home to keep shoes organized and away from dirt.
  • Hair Accessories: Keep hair accessories tangle-free and in one place.

Make A Gift

  • Candle Holders: Upcycle a glass jar into a simple but beautiful candle holder.
  • Vases: Reuse glass jars to create unique and beautiful vases to put flowers in.
  • Decorative Jars: Adorn the jars with fabric, paint, yarn and beads to give as gifts to friends and family.

DIY & Arts & Crafts

  • Centerpiece: Paint or decorate the jars to make them into a beautiful centerpiece for any table.
  • Gardening Tools: Fill with tools such as rakes and shovels to keep your garden organized.
  • Candleholders: Drill two small holes into the lid of the jar to hold tea lights.

Giving Back

  • Donate: Free men and women of addiction may benefit from donations of glass jars that can be repurposed into candleholders, flower vases and more.

With a little imagination and these creative ideas, you won’t have any difficulty repurposing your old coffee jars. All you need to do is take the time to find a project that fits your lifestyle.

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