what to do with old coffee table books

Refreshing Ways to Repurpose Your Old Coffee Table Books

Old coffee table books can be both intriguing and aesthetically pleasing; they also take up valuable space, and it may seem like a waste to discard them. Instead, here are some creative ways to breathe new life into your coffee table books and make them work for you today:

Create Wall Art

Coffee table books with colorful spines or beautiful covers can be repurposed as art. Take a handful of the books, arrange them on a shelf and create a pleasing look. Add more books as needed to fill a space and voila – you now have an insta-worthy, original piece of art.

Turn Into Side Tables

Cover the books with colorful fabric, then glue the fabric to the spine and stack them evenly in a pyramid shape on the floor. Place a tempered glass top for function and protection, or use the books as an open shelf for display.

Make a Book Shelf

Stagger the books on a large bookshelf or fireplace to create an interesting, magazine-style arrangement. Add a few interesting objects and decorative accents to create some visual interest.

Turn Your Exteriors Into Something New

For hardcover books that are too worn to use as books, you can turn them into something entirely new. Try cutting shapes out of the covers to create stencils or use the now-empty spines to make book clutches.

Mix It In

Mix in some of your old coffee table books with the books you buy. The old titles, with their classic content , can be a great conversation starter and add a bit of history to your collection.


Old, worn-out books can also be used in interesting craft projects:

  • Make a birdhouse – Use the old covers and pages to create a unique birdhouse for your garden
  • Basket – Create custom book baskets for trinkets and other small items
  • Make jewelry – Cut pages into shapes and turn them into unique jewelry pieces

You can even use the pages for drawing, or for scrapbooking.

Give your old coffee table books a new life with any of these creative repurposing ideas to give them some fresh perspective.

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