what to do with glass coffee bottles

How to Upcycle Glass Coffee Bottles

Do you have a few empty glass coffee bottles around your house that you don’t know what to do with? You can turn them into convenient and stylish repurposed items with a little bit of modding. Here are some creative ideas for upcycling glass coffee bottles you may want to consider:

Create Candle Holders

  • Wash the bottles and remove adhesive labels.
  • Cut a hole in a piece of cardboard. Make sure it is slightly larger than the neck of your bottle.
  • Form the cardboard around the neck of the bottle and secure with hot glue.
  • Paint the bottle’s exterior with a fresh layer of paint.
  • Fill the bottle with tea lights or bigger candles. Light them up, and you have a new candle holder!

Store Kitchen Supplies

  • Clean and cut the top of the bottle with a glass cutter.
  • Then, cover the sharp edges with some glue.
  • Fill the bottle with spices, kitchen utensils or condiments.
  • Glue a cork lid to the top of the bottle to keep your items protected.

Make a Flower Vase

  • Cut the neck and bottom of the bottle with a glass cutter, making a vase shape.
  • Sand the sharp edges with sandpaper.
  • Paint the bottle with colors and patterns of your choice.
  • Fill the vase with water and fresh flowers.
  • Hang the flower vase at your window or in your living room.


Using the ideas above, you can turn your old glass coffee bottles into handy, beautiful items. It’s a great way to save money while looking good and helping the environment!

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