what to do with glass coffee bottles

What to Do With Glass Coffee Bottles

Reusing glass coffee bottles is a great way to reduce waste and make your morning cup even better. Here are just some creative ways to use your glass bottles:

Cupboard Vases

Using your glass bottles as cupboard vases is a simple way to bring a little life and lightness to your home. You can easily customize this to fit your design aesthetic using ribbon and wire for hanging, or paint and embellishments for bright colors and decoration.

Glass Canister Set

Glass coffee bottles can be turned into the perfect canister set for storing herbs, spices, baking supplies, and so much more. You can mix and match sizes and colors for a fun and unique set of your own.

Candle Holders

You can easily customize coffee bottles to become the perfect candle holder. Unscrew the lids and drill small holes into them, then decorate to your heart’s content! As an alternative, you can also store tealights inside the glass bottles and place them in a group of three along your kitchen countertop.

Herbal Facial

Turn your glass bottles into your own natural facial scrub! Simply infuse your favorite herbs in an apple cider vinegar base, and pour into your glass bottles. To use, add a tablespoon of the mixture to your favorite face scrub, massage it onto your skin, and rinse off with warm water.

Garden Decoration

If you’ve got a green thumb, why not dress up your garden with glass coffee bottles? Drill a few holes at the bottom for drainage and string a wire inside for hanging, then simply fill with soil and your favorite flowering plants for a unique garden touch.

Stay cozy and reduce waste. With just a few materials or a little creativity, you can turn your glass coffee bottles into something beautiful.

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