what to do with coffee table too big

Living with an Oversized Coffee Table

We’ve all been there – you purchase a coffee table that won’t fit in your space. But just because the coffee table clashes with the size of your living room doesn’t mean that it needs to be thrown away. Here are a few creative solutions on what to do with an oversized coffee table in your home:


  • Turn your oversized coffee table into a statement piece by upgrading it with an intricate design or beautiful finish.
  • Take some time to stroll around your local flea markets or thrift stores and find a unique second-hand coffee table.
  • Browse the web and explore the endless coffee table designs to find a perfect statement piece.


  • If you don’t want to buy a new coffee table, you can always downscale the one you already have.
  • Start by cutting down the size. Sand down the edges and paint the surface with a unique finish.
  • It might not be the biggest coffee table out there, but it definitely will fit into your living room.


  • Transform the oversized coffee table into a functional piece by covering it with a series of removable trays.
  • You can also use a coffee table as a bench by adding comfortable cushions on top.
  • Another transformational idea is to turn the coffee table into a sideboard. Place small pieces of furniture around the table and create practical shelves.

No matter what size of coffee table you have, there are always creative ways to make it work. With a little bit of imagination and effort, you can turn an oversized coffee table into something unique and practical.

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