what to do with an old glass coffee table

Up cycling an Old Glass Coffee Table into Something Amazing

Up cycling is the process of transforming an old piece of furniture into something new and unique. It’s a great way to give an old glass coffee table an updated and stylish look. Here are some creative ideas to help you get started:

Turn it Into a Patio Table

If you have an old glass coffee table that has become an eyesore, you can upcycle it into a colorful patio table. Start by sanding down the surface and then apply a coat of outdoor paint in a vibrant hue. Add a few decorative accents, such as weather-resistant tassels, and you’ve just created your own outdoor table.

Turn it Into a Bar Cart

Do you long for a chic bar cart to display your favorite cocktails? With a few simple steps, you can easily turn your glass coffee table into a bar cart. Add a set of wheels to the bottom, and then line each shelf with a different serving accessory. To complete the look, you can paint the frame in an eye-catching color.

Turn it Into a Bench

A glass coffee table can easily be upcycled into a stylish bench. Start by removing the glass top and replace it with a soft foam cushion. To give it a luxurious touch, choose a patterned fabric to cover the cushion and secure in place with staples. Finish off the look with a few decorative pillows for maximum comfort.

Turn it Into a Fish Tank

Transform your glass coffee table into a stunning fish tank with a few easy steps. Begin by drilling a hole into the table, and then attach a tube with water filters and pumps. Add some colorful gravel and plants, and your own personal aquarium is ready for its first inhabitants.

Turn it Into a Magazine Rack

Can’t stand the clutter of magazines in your home? An old glass coffee table can become a chic magazine rack. To make it easier to access the pages, use removable wire racks and place them onto the glass surface. To complete the look, decorate the frame with paint, and then you’ve got a modern magazine rack to keep things organized.

Up cycling an old glass coffee table is a great way to give any space a unique and updated look. Whether you opt to turn it into a chic bar cart, a comfy bench, or a vibrant fish tank, the sky is the limit when it comes to giving your old furniture a fresh new look.

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