what to do with an old coffee table

Reuse Your Old Coffee Table!

A coffee table is a staple item in many homes and often the centerpiece of a living room. When you are ready for an update, there are some creative ideas to repurpose your old coffee table.

Options for Upcycling a Coffee Table

Upcycling is a great way to save money while being environmentally conscious. Plus, you can make something new that is completely personalized to your tastes. Here are some inspiring ideas:

  • Side Table – Turn an old coffee table into two stylish side tables by cutting down the length.
  • Bench – Create a bench for seating by adding a cushion and throw pillows on top of the table.
  • Outdoor Table – Cover the top of the coffee table with a weather-proof material and use it as an outdoor table.
  • Desk – Flip the coffee table upside down and add legs to make a desk.
  • Planter – Transform your coffee table into a stylish planter or flower box.
  • Storage – Use the lower shelf to make extra storage space in your living room or bedroom.

Extra Tips

When refinishing your old coffee table, it is best to use environmentally friendly products like chalk paint and natural sealers. Also, pay close attention to instructions to ensure you complete the task safely and correctly.

Whether you upcycle a coffee table, donate it, or repurpose it for another use, it is important to be mindful of how you are disposing of the old furniture. Reusing and repurposing furniture helps keep things out of landfills and contributes to a sustainable lifestyle.

So don’t let your old coffee table take up precious space. Get creative and have fun upcycling it into something new you will enjoy!

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