what to do coffee table if have ottoman for feet

Resting Your Feet with an Ottoman and Coffee Table

Keeping your feet from getting tired or sore is essential to finding a great place to relax. That’s why many people opt for a combination of an ottoman for feet and a coffee table for convenience. Here are some ideas for making the most of this combo.

Choose the Right Table

When selecting the right coffee table, look for one that is substantial enough to carry books, drinks, and food without risking instability. It should also be low enough that you can reach up to grab items without straining. It’s also a good idea to select one with a durable surface that’ll be easy to keep clean.

Showcase Your Style

If you want a more decorative addition to the room, consider adding a tray to the top of your table. This gives you a place to store remotes and other items you need for your setup, but that you don’t want cluttering up your coffee table.

You can also show off your unique style by adding a unique centerpiece. This could be a vase of freshly-cut flowers, a small sculpture, or a beautiful bowl with a few colorful stones.

Take Time for Comfort

When you’re done furnishing, you can finally start lounging in your new set up, with your feet propped up on the ottoman and a book in hand. To make your space as comfortable as possible, add a few pillows or blankets to the ottoman. Not only will they bring a cozy aesthetic, but they’ll also make it easier to prop up your feet and relax.

Finally, don’t forget to add a few books to the coffee table. Not only will they give you something to do when you’re lounging around, but they’ll also make the space look more inviting.


Having an ottoman and a coffee table is a great way to relax your feet while still having a nice, tidy space. Just make sure to choose the right table and add a few touches that show off your unique style. With a few pillows, great books, and an attractive centerpiece, you’ll have a setup that’s both functional and inviting.

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