what to buy when you have no coffee table

Buy The Best Alternative To A Coffee Table

A coffee table is an essential furnishing for every house. But if you don’t have one yet, what are some clever alternatives that you should consider? Here is a list of the top things to buy as alternate coffee tables:


Ottomans are great alternate coffee tables, as they can provide extra seating if you need it and also provide plenty of storage space and can double up as extra seating for guests. Plus, an ottoman has a low profile, so it won’t take up too much precious floor space.

Trunks and Chests

Trunks, chests and decorative baskets make great alternate coffee tables. They also provide plenty of storage and can be decorated with accents and accessories to give your room a unique look.

Extra Dining Room Chairs

If you have some extra dining chairs that you don’t mind moving around, you can easily turn those into makeshift coffee tables. Simply place a sturdy tray on top of the chairs, and you have the perfect makeshift coffee table.


If you need both seating and a coffee table, then opt for a bench. A large, upholstered bench with a low profile fits the bill nicely – and you can even store plenty of stuff in the space underneath.

Large Plant Pots

If you’re looking for an inexpensive alternative to a coffee table, try large, decorative pots or planters. You can use them to store books and magazines, and they also look great as a decorative accent.

Sofa Table

Finally, you might want to consider buying a sofa table. These pieces can provide extra storage, and depending on the design you choose, you can use them for plenty of other purposes.

No matter which alternative you opt for, make sure that it fits perfectly within your room, and also ensure that it complements the rest of your furniture.

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