what thickness granite for coffee table top

What Granite Thickness is Best for Coffee Table Tops?

Adding a coffee table to an existing living room or furnishing a newly designed space is no small task, and one of the most important factors to consider when making this purchase is the material and the thickness of the tabletops. Granite tables offer a timeless and elegant look, but providing adequate support requires the right thickness.

Standard Granite Tables

Assuming that the table base is sturdy and capable of providing adequate support, the required granite thickness for a standard rectangular or square table tops is 3/4th of an inch. This thickness reduces the risk of the tabletop being too fragile; it also helps prevent the stone from cracking or breaking in the future.

Oversized Tables

When it comes to tables with larger dimensions, 1-1/4th of an inch is the preferred thickness. An oversized top would likely end up being too heavy if it were only 3/4 of an inch. The additional half inch helps to keep it steady and also allows the legs to provide adequate support with fewer risks of the tabletop severely bowing.

Table Bases

Both of the thicknesses we have discussed can be used in combination with sturdy table bases. The right combination should be able to provide stability and support even under the weight of items like coffee mugs or laptops. While thinner legs are often desirable in order to maintain a more aesthetic frame, they should be avoided when used with thick tabletops or top with round or oval shapes.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Granite for Tabletops

With the right information and table bases, the decision ultimately comes down to the preference of the consumer. Here are a few tips to help choose the perfect granite for a coffee table top:

  • Thicknesses:Pick the appropriate thickness as discussed above based on the type, shape and size of the table
  • Edges:Choose between rounded, beveled and natural edges for a personalized touch
  • Finish:Polished, honed and brushed finishes offer different levels of shining and color intensity
  • Color:A variety of colors including whites, grays and blacks are available to complement any room’s design
  • Patterns:Look for patterns, veins or sparkles that stand out to add visual appeal and texture to the table

At the end of the day, choosing the perfect granite table top requires careful considerations when it comes to the materials, thickness and design to ensure that it not only looks perfect but also provides adequate support.

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