what sized tablecloth should i get for coffee table

Choosing the Right Size Coffee Tablecloth

Coffee tables are a great way to add an elegant touch to any living room. But one of the best ways to complete the look is by adding the perfect sized tablecloth. From specific measurements to picking the right style, finding the right tablecloth size can be challenging. Here are the key steps to help you make the right decision when choosing your coffee tablecloth:

Step One: Measure the Table

The first step to finding the perfect tablecloth size is by measuring your coffee table. Knowing the exact dimensions of the table will help you select the best size of tablecloth. Generally, an 18-inch drop is recommended for a coffee table.

Step Two: Choose the Right Material

Not only is it important to select the right size for the coffee table, but it’s also important to choose the best material for the tablecloth. Knowing what kind of material will be best suited for your coffee table is a must. Consider if the material is machine washable and if it is wrinkle-resistant.

Step Three: Consider the Style

Finding the right style is also key to selecting the perfect tablecloth. Do you want something that is vibrant, or something more neutral? Make sure the style of the tablecloth ties in with the other elements in your living room.

Tips for Choosing a Coffee Tablecloth

  • Choose a tablecloth that is large enough to cover the edges of the table and fall to the floor
  • Opt for wrinkle-resistant materials
  • Choose a style that best fits your living space

Choosing the right sized tablecloth for your coffee table is a key element when styling a living space. Measure your coffee table and select a material and style that best fits your home. Consider these essential tips to make sure that you choose the best tablecloth size for your coffee table.

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