what size should a coffee table be

What Size Should a Coffee Table Be?

A coffee table is a versatile centerpiece to any living room. Its size and positioning create a welcoming atmosphere and provide function and convenience to the home. But determining the right size can be tricky – too big might look overpowering while too small might feel cramped.

Table Height

The standard height for coffee tables is approximately 40 – 45 cm. This height is convenient because it allows you to comfortably reach over and grab items without having to get out of your chair. Consider the height of the couch or chairs around the coffee table – the table should be roughly the same height or slightly lower.

Table Length and Width

The length and width of the coffee table is largely determined by the size of the room it’s placed in and how many people you plan to entertain.

  • Small Spaces: For small spaces, it’s best to opt for a smaller coffee table, such as a round or oval shape. This will leave plenty of floor space and won’t overwhelm the room.
  • Medium Spaces: For a medium size room, the coffee table should measure between 90 and 120 cm in length. A square or rectangle shape is best for this size room.
  • Large Spaces: For large spaces, the coffee table should measure 120 cm or more. This will allow for plenty of room for setting items without looking too bulky.

When choosing the right size and shape, consider the function of the table – will you be using it to serve food and drinks or just to set items? Knowing the purpose will help you narrow down your choices to the perfect size and shape of coffee table.

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