what size legs for coffee table

What Size Legs for a Coffee Table?

Adding a coffee table to your living room is a great way to bring charm and functionality to the space. Choosing the right size can be a challenge, and often overlooked is the selection of the perfect coffee table legs. The type, size, material, and style of legs can drastically change the overall look of your table.

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Right Size of Coffee Table Legs

Before selecting your coffee table’s legs, here are few factors to consider.

  • Table Size:Table height and coffee table size will dictate how large the coffee table legs should be. If you’re looking for something that gives the illusion of a more prominent table, choose thicker legs. If you have a more traditional sized coffee table profile, slimmer legs will be more suitable.
  • Construction:Your choice of legs should be able to support the overall weight of the coffee table, and should correspond to the type of construction you choose. For example, if you go with a slightly heavier type of wood or marble top, stick with heavier legs.
  • Design:Coffee table legs come in various styles, from classic to modern to vintage. Get creative and pick the style that will best enhance the overall look of your living space.


Choosing the right size of coffee table legs for your space can be daunting, however, with these key considerations in mind, you will be sure to pick the perfect legs to complement your space.

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