what size coffee table with 75 inch sofa

What Size Coffee Table is Best with a 75 Inch Sofa?

It’s important to get the right size coffee table when pairing it with a 75 inch sofa. The wrong size and style coffee table can interfere with the aesthetics and design of your living room or sitting room. Before making your purchase, here are some tips for finding the perfect coffee table for your 75 inch sofa.

Step 1: Determine the Style

The first step is to determine the style of coffee table that best complements your sofa. A long, sleek modern coffee table with thin legs may complement a modern sofa, while a classic, round coffee table could pair well with a traditional or vintage style sofa.

Step 2: Decide On the Size

Once you have determined the style of coffee table that fits the look you’re going for, the next step is to decide on the size. With a 75 inch sofa, you want to choose a coffee table that doesn’t appear too large or small, providing balance and proportion to the room. The depth and width of the coffee table should make up no more than two-thirds of the sofa’s length.

Step 3: Consider the Height

The third step is to make sure you choose the right height for your coffee table. It’s important to select a table that allows for comfortable resting of arms and legs when seated. As a general rule, most coffee tables should be around 18-20 inches in height. This will ensure your coffee table is at a comfortable level when paired with the sofa.

Here are some general guidelines for determining the size of your coffee with a 75 inch sofa:

  • Width: 48 – 60 inches
  • Depth: 20-24 inches
  • Height: 18-20 inches

Choosing the right size coffee table with a 75 inch sofa requires a few considerations and measurements. By taking the time to consider the style, size, and height, you can find the perfect coffee table to complete your room’s design.

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