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Choosing the Right Size Coffee Table

Finding the perfect coffee table for your space can be a challenge. With all the different sizes and styles available, it’s important to pick the one that will fit your space best. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect size coffee table for your home:

Measure Your Space

The first step in finding the right size coffee table is to measure your available space. Consider how much floor space you have and what shape will work best in the space. If you have an area rug, factor that in when measuring as well.

Consider How You Will Use Your Table

Think about how you will use the coffee table. Will you be using it to hold drinks or meals? Will there be large items or plants that need to be accommodated? Knowing how you will use the table will help you decide the right size.

What Size Coffee Table is Right for You?

• Small Coffee Table – For a small space, look for a coffee table that is between 48” and 56” long.

• Medium Coffee Table – For medium sized spaces, a 56” to 72” long table should fit well.

• Large Coffee Table – For large spaces, choose a table that is at least 72” long.

• Oversized Coffee Table – If you have a very large space, you can opt for an oversized coffee table that is at least 84” long.

Other Considerations

When considering the size of your coffee table, keep the following in mind:

• Height – Your table should be approximately the same height as the seat of your sofa or chairs.

• Materials – Choose a material that will work well in your space. A thin glass table won’t take up much visual space, while a chunky wooden table will add warmth and visual weight.

• Shape – Rectangular tables fit comfortably into most spaces, but a round table is ideal for small spaces and can add visual interest to large ones.

Finding the perfect coffee table for your space can be a challenge, but with careful consideration you can find the perfect table for your space. Using these tips, you’ll be sure to find the perfect size coffee table for your home.

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