what size coffee table should i get for my sectional

Selecting a Coffee Table to Accent Your Sectional Sofa

When selecting a coffee table for your sectional sofa, there are a few factors to consider for the best aesthetic and practical fit.

Measuring the Room

Before choosing your coffee table, it’s important to measure the room to determine how large of a table can be accommodated:

  • Length – The space should be long enough to fit the length of your sectional
  • Width – Be sure that the space is wide enough to fit a table and recliners or corner pieces of your sectional

Table Size

Once you figure out the amount of space you have in the room, it’s time to select the table size. Typically, the size of the coffee table should be approximately two-thirds the length of your sectional. Here’s an example of some popular sizes depending on the length of your sectional:

  • Sectional length of 5-7 ft: Coffee Table of 36-42 inches
  • Sectional length of 8-10 ft: Coffee Table of 48-60 inches
  • Sectional length of 11 + ft: Coffee Table of 72 inches


Another important factor in selecting the right coffee table is the style that best fits the overall look of your sectional. Consider the material, shape, and finish of the table, and don’t forget to factor in elements like the flooring and any other furniture already in the room.

The coffee table should complement – not compete – with the sectional, and balance the room. Because sectional sofas are generally quite large, a sturdy table that isn’t too delicate in design is recommended. Making sure all the pieces tie together can take some trial and error, and mixing and matching styles is encouraged to find the best match for your space.


When selecting a coffee table for your sectional sofa, it’s important to measure the space and choose the size and style that best fits with the existing decor. Don’t forget to factor in the length of the sofa and remember that a sturdy table that complements the look of the sectional is always a safe choice. Now you have the necessary information to determine the perfect coffee table for your sectional sofa.

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