what size coffee table for small living room

What size Coffee Table for Small Living Rooms?

Creating a cozy living room in a small space can be a challenge. Choosing the right size coffee table can help maximize your space and create the perfect atmosphere for entertaining. Here are a few tips for choosing the optimal coffee table size for small living rooms.

1. Opt for Slim & Lightweight

When choosing the perfect coffee table for a small living room, size is a major factor. Look for a table that won’t take up too much real estate. Look for pieces that are slim and lightweight in design.

2. Choose a Multi-functional Table

Multi-functional pieces can help you save space and lessen the feeling of clutter. There are many versatile tables that come with glass tops and hidden storage compartments, creating an illusion of more space while keeping all of your items in easy reach.

3. Look for a Round Table

Round coffee tables can help create extra space in your living room due to their unique shape. They’re also great for creating a relaxed atmosphere when entertaining.

4. Stay Proportionate

The perfect size coffee table should be proportionate to both the size of your living room and the other furniture pieces. Opt for pieces that will fit comfortably between your couch, chairs and other furniture items.

5. Don’t Forget About Height

Remember to also consider height when shopping for the perfect coffee table. Opt for a piece that will sit high enough off the floor so your legs don’t hit it when you are seated in your furniture.


Choosing the right coffee table for your small living room can be a challenge. Opt for slim and lightweight pieces, multi-functional tables, round tables, and those that are proportionate to the size of your living room and other furniture. Don’t forget to consider height when shopping for the perfect coffee table. With these tips, you can find the perfect size for your small living space.

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