what size coffee table for 86 inch sofa

What Size Coffee Table is Right for an 86 Inch Sofa?

It’s important to choose the right size coffee table for your 86 inch sofa to ensure the space looks balanced and appealing. To pick the best size for your sofa, consider the following important factors.

Coffee Table Dimensions

When deciding the size of table you need, the first thing to think about is the proportions of the table’s dimensions. Ideally, the table should be within the same length range and not much wider than the sofa. Avoid the temptation to buy a table that is overly large and imposing, as this is likely to look overpowering across your sofa.

Coffee Table Shape

The shape of the table you choose can make a huge difference to the overall aesthetic of the space. A square or rectangular table typically works well with an 86 inch sofa, as this shape will elongate the space. If opting for a round or oval table, consider one that is proportionally smaller than the sofa.

Height Considerations

Take into account the height of your sofa’s seat and opt for a table that is approximately the same height. This will ensure it sits comfortably next to the sofa and enables you to place items such as plates and drinks easily on the surface.

Below is a guide to selecting the right size coffee table for an 86 inch sofa:

  • Length range: Between 56-86 inches
  • Width: Should never be wider than the 86 inch sofa
  • Shape: Opt for a square or rectangular shape to elongate the space, or choose a proportionally smaller round or oval table if desired
  • Height: Pick a table equal to the height of the sofa’s seat for optimal comfort and utility

Ultimately, selecting the right coffee table for your 86 inch sofa will help to create a cohesive and stylish aesthetic. Choosing one that is approximately the same length and width of the sofa, and roughly the same height, will enable you to perfectly balance the space and make it a comfortable and inviting environment.

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