what size coffee table for 78 inch sofa

What Size Coffee Table for 78 Inch Sofa?

Finding the right coffee table to accentuate a 78 inch sofa can be tricky. Coffee tables come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so it’s important to know what size coffee table will look the best and give you adequate space.

Measuring For the Right Size

The biggest decision when selecting the right size of coffee table is the distance it will be from the sofa. For a balanced look, you want the height of the table to␣be within four to 12 inches of the height of the sofa seat cushion. The distance that the coffee table will be from the sofa is important, too. It should be about 1½ times the length of the sofa.

Usable Space and Dimensions

When deciding on the exact size of a coffee table, make sure that it leaves enough room for people to walk by and for your furniture. Generally, for a 78-inch sofa, you should select one that is 48 x 24 inches, round or rectangular. It should be no more than 12 to 14 inches high. A square-shaped table is ideal as it ensures space for walking and leaves more room on the table for glasses and books.

Selecting the Right Materials

When it comes to selecting the right materials, there are a lot of options. You could opt for:

  • Glass – Glass coffee tables give a sleek and modern look to the room.
  • Wood – Wooden coffee tables come in many varieties, from dark to light and can be easily blended into any living room.
  • Metal – Metal coffee tables are sturdy and useful for any room. They come in a variety of finishes, allowing them to match any décor.
  • Marble – Marble tables give an elegant and sophisticated look to the room.

No matter what type of materials and size of coffee table you select, make sure that it is the right size for your 78-inch sofa and that it balances and adds to the look and style of your living room.

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