what size coffee table for 7 foot sofa

Choosing the Perfect Coffee Table for a 7-Foot Sofa

Are you looking for the perfect coffee table to go with your 7- foot long sofa? Here are some tips to help you find the best fit.

Understand the Basics of Coffee Table Size

First, it’s important to consider the main focus of the room. Coffee tables should be the same width as the length of the couch or slightly shorter. The following table provides a general guideline for selecting a coffee table for a 7-foot sofa:

Sofa Length (ft) Minimum Coffee Table Size (ft)
7 5

Choose a Style and Shape

Once you have an idea of the size of the coffee table, it’s time to choose a style and shape. Round and rectangle shaped coffee tables work best with 7-foot sofas. Some of the most popular styles of coffee tables include:

  • Modern: Modern style coffee tables typically have a sleek, angular appearance.
  • Traditional: Traditional style coffee tables usually feature ornate details such as carved wood, marble, or metal accents.
  • Mid-Century: Mid-century style coffee tables often pair traditional materials with sleek, minimalist lines.

Ensure that the Table is the Right Height

The last thing to consider when selecting a coffee table is the height. The ideal height of a coffee table is the same height as the cushion of the sofa. Anything higher or lower can be awkward and make it difficult to reach the coffee table.


Choosing the right coffee table for a 7-foot sofa isn’t as difficult as it seems. As long as you consider the size, style and height of the table, you’ll be sure to pick the perfect one for your space.

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