what size coffee table for 103 inch sofa

What Size Coffee Table Should I Get for a 103″ Sofa?

Choosing the right sized coffee table for your sofa can make all the difference when it comes to comfortable and practical living room. If you’ve recently purchased a 103” sofa, then you may want to ask yourself, what size coffee table should I get for my 103” sofa?

Do I Need to Measure The Sofa?

Yes, the best way to get an accurate measurement for your sofa is to simply measure it down the center of the longest length, in this case 103 inches.

What Size Coffee Table Should I Purchase?

The size of coffee table that you should purchase should be smaller than the length of your 103” sofa. A good size to go for would be around 48”-70”.

Follow These Tips:

  • Choose an Oval or Round Coffee Table – Not only are oval or round shaped tables good for a living room with a large sofa, they provide the perfect rectangle to break up the room and make it look more inviting.
  • Don’t be Afraid to Play Around With Height – Coffee tables come in a variety of heights, so don’t be afraid to play around here. A tall coffee table is great for someone looking to keep books, drinks, trays and other items close to their sofa and out of the way.
  • Choose Materials That Suit Your Decor – There are dozens of options for materials and colors for coffee tables, so you’ll need to pick something that fits the style of your room. If your sofa is a modern style, go for a glass coffee table. If it’s more of a vintage look, then wooden coffee table may be suitable option.

Overall, when it comes to choosing the right size coffee table for your 103” sofa, it is a good idea to go for 48”-70”. But, the best thing to do is to measure your sofa and pick materials and colors that best suit it.

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