what should you put on your coffee table

Things To Place On Your Coffee Table

Coffee tables are a great way to add a little style and practicality to your living space. When it comes to decorating, the coffee table is often the centerpiece of the room. Here are some ideas of what you should put on your coffee table for added style and interest:

Functional Pieces

  • A Remote Caddy: Store away your remotes in a decorative container for easy access.
  • Trays: Trays can add a bit of sophistication to any coffee table, and can also be used to organize items such as books, magazines, and candles.
  • Magazine Holders: Keep all of your favorite magazines and books organized while still looking chic.
  • Cup Coasters: Make sure to keep your drinks protected by adding coasters to your coffee table.

Decorative Items

  • Photos: Nothing adds a personal touch like adding photos of friends, family, and special moments.
  • Candles: Setting the mood with a few candles can create a cozy atmosphere.
  • Greenery: A small succulent or other small greenery can add a little life and color to your table.
  • Vases: Fill a nice vase with your favorite color or seasonal blooms for an extra touch of class.

Miscellaneous Items

  • Books: Keep a few books handy for guests to peruse, or for yourself for a relaxing read.
  • Puzzles and Games: Have a few puzzles or board games available, to pass the time in a fun way.
  • Pet Toys: If you have pets at home, leave their favorite toys readily accessible, so they can play while you relax.

Your coffee table is a great place to showcase your personal style, so have fun and experiment with different looks. With these tips in mind, your coffee table will be a centerpiece of your living room!

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