what shape of tray for oval coffee table

Which Shape of Tray is Perfect for an Oval Coffee Table?

When selecting a tray for an oval coffee table, there are a few things to consider. Not only should the tray taste aesthetically pleasing, but it should also fit the dimensions of the table. Here are some tips to help choose the perfect tray shape for your oval coffee table:

Match the Table Shape

When selecting a tray shape, if the coffee tab is oval, an oval tray is the most common choice. This offers a classic, symmetrical look and best preserves the shape and style of the coffee table.

Fit the Dimentions

In addition to the shape, you should make sure the tray properly fits your table. An oval tray might not be wide/long enough for instance. If the tray is too big, it might extend over the edges of the table. Consider the tray size in comparison to both the width and length of the oval table.

Type of Material

The type of material used for the tray should also be considered. Some common materials for trays include:

  • Wood: A classic, timeless look. Available in many shades of color and tone.
  • Metal: An elegant, contemporary look. Many metals have an attractive shine, and some can even be gold plated.
  • Plastic: A diverse selection of colors and styles. Great for outdoor tables or those on the go.
  • Glass: A unique, modern look that can dress up a table instantly.

Carefully consider the style of your oval coffee table as well as the type of material used for the tray. Choose something that fits right in, blends well with the surroundings, and adds to the overall decor.

Choosing the right shape and size of tray for your oval coffee table can be a challenge. But the right tray can vastly improve the overall look of your coffee table. Follow these tips and select the ideal tray shape, size and material for your coffee table.

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