what shape coffee table to buy

What Shape Coffee Table To Buy

The perfect coffee table can complete a living room. With so many different shapes and styles to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which coffee table to buy.

Consider What Room the Coffee Table Will Be In

When choosing the perfect coffee table, the first step is to consider the room the coffee table will be in. A coffee table for a small living room will need to be small and slim. If the living room is large, the coffee table can be more voluminous.

Match the Coffee Table to Your Decor

It’s important to match the coffee table to your existing decor. For example, a glass and chrome coffee table will look great in a modern, minimalist home. A rustic wood coffee table can create a tranquil and inviting feel in a traditional style home.

Popular Shapes

  • Rectangular: A rectangular coffee table offers plenty of space to place items and usually has a flat top that can accommodate additional items like books and trays.
  • Round: Round coffee tables provide a great place to gather friends and family in a relaxed way. They typically feature a lower base for easy access.
  • Oval: An oval coffee table looks great in any space and can be used as a statement piece. It has enough space to place items on the table without taking up too much space.
  • Square: A square coffee table is a great choice if you want something that is simple yet stylish. Its clean lines and sharp corners make it a great pick for minimalistic designs.

At the end of the day, the right shape coffee table will depend on the size of your living room and the style that you want to create. Remember to take some time to think about the style and shape of the table and how it will fit in with your home before making a purchase.

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