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How To Choose The Right Coffee Table For Your Home

Are you planning to buy a new coffee table for your home, but don’t know what shape to get? Don’t worry! Here’s a quick guide on how to choose the ideal coffee table for your home:

Think About the Room’s Design

It’s important to look at the design of the room when considering what type of coffee table to get. Consider how the shape of the table will fit into the room’s design. For example, if your room is already a bit crowded, then getting a small rectangular coffee table would be more suitable.


When choosing a coffee table, you should also consider the type of functionality it will be used for. Square or rectangular tables are best for setting down things like cups and plates. If you’re going to be using the table as a place to store books and magazines, then a large round table would be more suitable.

Types of Coffee Tables

When shopping for coffee tables, you’ll come across several different shapes such as:

  • Rectangular: Perfect for rectangular shaped rooms or sectional sofas.
  • Square: Great for tight spaces, as it takes up less room than a rectangular table.
  • Circular: For a room with curved furniture or where you want to create a cozy atmosphere.
  • Oval: If you want to add more curves to a room and still fit in something bigger than a round table.

Choose a Color or Style That Suits Your Home

When selecting your coffee table, consider what colors and textures the table should have. You may want to choose a table that stands out, or if the room is already full of bright colors, then you may want to select a more neutral tone. The style of the table should match the style of the rest of the room. If the décor is more modern, then a shiny metal or glass table would look good. For more classical and traditional décor, then an oak or walnut table would fit nicely.

Measure Twice, Buy Once

Before you buy your new coffee table, make sure to measure the size of the room and your furniture so that you know what size table will fit best. There’s nothing worse than buying a coffee table that’s too big or too small for the room.

Now that you know how to choose the right coffee table for your home, you can confidently go out and find the perfect table for you. Taking the time to consider shapes, sizes, functions and styles will ensure that you have a coffee table that perfectly fits your home.

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