what shape coffee table is best for a sectional

Choosing the Right Coffee Table for Your Sectional Sofa

Sectional sofas have become incredibly popular in the furnishing world and finding the right coffee table for a sectional sofa can be daunting. Fortunately, understanding a few basic principles can help you make the right choice with ease.

Rectangular Shape

When it comes to traditional sectional sofas, the most common choice is a rectangular shaped coffee table. Rectangles can provide more seating room while feeling visually cohesive with the shape of the sofa. It is also important to size the table appropriately to ensure that it is neither too large nor too small – it should fit within the length of the sofa itself.

Oval or Round

Oval and round shape tables are also a modern favorite when it comes to sectional sofas. Round tables provide an elegant, balanced look to an otherwise boxy room. They can also be inserted in the center of tight spaces, making them a great choice. Again, it’s important to make sure that if you opt for a round table, it sits flush against the rest of the furniture in your space.


We all love added features and aesthetics. When choosing a coffee table for your sectional, there are a few additional points to consider for that perfect piece:

  • Materials: Are you looking for a sleek marble top or a more rustic, natural wood? Make sure to select a material that will go with the décor of your space.
  • Height: Tables come in a variety of heights that should match sleeve height of your sofa. If they’re too tall, they can obstruct the line of vision.
  • Storage: Coffee tables with a shelf or drawers can be great for storing remotes, magazines, or other items.

When furnishing your living room, the coffee table should always be taken into consideration. Choosing one that is the right shape and size for your sectional sofa can add a touch of style to your space, while making sure it fits in a practical way is equally important.

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