what shape coffee table goes with a sectional sofa

Which Shape Coffee Table You Should Choose for Sectional Sofas?

Are you looking to buy a new coffee table to go with your sectional sofa? With the many different shapes and styles available, you may have trouble picking just one. This article explores what shapes of coffee tables work best with a sectional sofa.

Rectangle Tables

Rectangle coffee tables are the most popular shape for sectional sofas. The majority of furniture manufacturers designs matching rectangle coffee tables to accompany their sectional sofas. The rectangular shape is great for granting easy access to all of your guests, no matter where they sit on the sectional sofa.

Oval Tables

Oval tables are the perfect accent to a sectional sofa if it has rounded sides. The oval table will emulate the shape of the curves of the sectional sofa, creating a balanced and elegant style.

Square/Cube Tables

Square or cube tables also work well with sectional sofas. These shapes give the room a crisp, modern look that blends in with almost any style of decor. If the sectional sofa has multiple sections, a square table is ideal for providing extra surfaces that offer easy access to all sections of the sofa.

Tips for Choosing the Right Coffee Table

  • Choose a coffee table that is proportional in size to the sectional sofa. Otherwise, it will look disproportionately large or small.
  • Measure twice and shop once. Make sure the measurements of the coffee table and the sectional sofa fit your space.
  • Consider the material of the coffee table. Wood, metal, and glass all have different looks, so think about the style of the room and what type of table will match it.

When it comes to choosing the right shape of coffee table to go with a sectional sofa, the main thing you should keep in mind is to find a table that complements and balances the style of the sofa. Rectangles, ovals, and squares can all be good options and will give the room a finished look.

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