what shape coffee table for small sectional sofa

Choosing the Right Coffee Table for a Small Sectional Sofa

The right coffee table makes all the difference when it comes to creating a cozy and comfortable living space. When outfitting a small sectional sofa, size and shape matter when selecting the ideal coffee table.

Table Size

When choosing a coffee table for a small sectional sofa, an important factor to consider is the size.

  • Go small: When furnishing a small room, a smaller coffee table is the best option. It won’t visually overpower the sectional sofa or the space itself.
  • Depth and width: The depth of a coffee table should never exceed the depth of the sectional sofa. In terms of width when outfitting a small space, aim for a coffee table that’s as wide as the sofa — anything wider will be too large.
  • Height: Coffee tables should be no taller than the sofa’s armrests. If you need extra storage, look for one with lower shelves instead of a taller table.

Table Shape

The shape you choose is another important consideration. Generally speaking, the shape of the coffee table should match the shape of your sectional sofa.

  • Curved sectional sofa: If you have a curved sectional sofa, a circular or oval coffee table will best complement it.
  • Rectangular sectional sofa: For a rectangular sectional, look into a rectangular or square coffee table.
  • Other shapes: Other shapes, such as ottoman-style and tables with rounded corners, work best with corner sectionals with curves or angles.

When it comes to creating a cozy, comfortable living space with a small sectional sofa, getting the right size and shape of coffee table is key. Opt for a smaller table and look for a shape that mirrors the contours and angles in your sectional.

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