what shape coffee table for sectional reddit

What Shape Coffee Table for Sectional Reddit?

When looking for a coffee table to go with your sectional seating, there are many things to consider. The first one is the overall shape of the table. Different shapes offer different functions, and depending on your seating arrangement, one type may provide more uses than another. Here are a few shapes of coffee tables that are popular choices with redditors:


Rectangular coffee tables are one of the most common and versatile options. This shape is perfect for larger couches and sectionals, stretching easily to accommodate all seating. The sides of the table can offer additional workspace for people lounging on either end. Rectangular tables can also work in smaller spaces, creating a larger footprint for the furniture.


Oval coffee tables are perfect for sectional seating, as the curved edges allow the table to fit nicely between couches, creating a more balanced layout. This type of table is also great for sectionals, as the curved lines draw attention to the seating. They can also be used in small spaces, as the shape allows for a more spacious look than rectangular tables.


Round coffee tables are excellent for sectional seating, as they can fit right in the middle of the arrangement. The round shape creates an inviting atmosphere, inviting conversation. It is also a great option for smaller spaces, providing more space for people to move around while still being able to gather around the table.


Square coffee tables are great for sectional seating, as they can be easily arranged in the centre of the seating arrangement. The shape also allows for ample work space for people to put their laptop, books or drinks. The square shape also creates a more formal atmosphere, great for family rooms or formal living spaces.

No matter what shape you decide to go with, the main thing to remember is to choose a table that fits with the aesthetic of your living space. Redditors have suggested these shapes as great choices for sectionals, so make sure to take advice from experienced users to help you pick the perfect table.

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