what shape coffee table for l-shaped sectional

Choosing the Right Coffee Table for an L-Shaped Sectional

Are you considering outfitting your living room with an L-shaped sectional and want to make sure that you include the perfect coffee table? With a few factors to consider, finding the ideal coffee table for your L-shaped sectional isn’t difficult.

Consider Your Layout

Think carefully about the exact layout of your L-shaped sectional in your living room. Does the angle of the sectional corner meet up with a wall? Does it come out in a more free standing form? Is the main point of the sectional to hold both people in a conversation?

Think About Size

To ensure that your coffee table is the right size, make sure to measure the size of your sectional, taking note of its angles. Generally speaking, round coffee tables pair best with smaller L-shaped sectionals as they easily fit into corners and opening up a room. On the other hand, an L-shaped sectional that is larger can handle an oblong or more rectangular coffee table.

Shape is Important for Style

For an elegant and utilitarian design — rectangular. For a style-forward choice, consider a round or oval. For those who want cozier corners, it’s best to opt for a square coffee table. You can also choose tables with interesting shapes like a half-moon style — or mix it up and find a coffee table with elements of several shapes incorporated.

Wheel or No Wheel?

Once you have everything set up with just the right accessories, the next job is figuring out if you need to move your coffee table. If you do, you may want to opt for a coffee table with wheels attached. Doing so makes it much more convenient for you to move the table for when you need more space.

Materials and Design

If you think that your coffee table will look on its own, you may want to opt for something that stands out over other elements. A statement piece that is eye-catching yet tasteful can be found in materials such as marble, natural wood, and stainless steel. For those who prefer a subdued look, muted tones and materials such as pine, walnut, and oak fit in perfectly.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right coffee table for an L-shaped sectional is easier than you may think. Make sure to consider the size of your sectional along with the angles, the shape and material you need, if you need wheels, and any design features you need to take into account. With all these elements in mind, you are sure to find the perfect coffee table for your L-shaped sectional.

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