what shape coffee table for l shaped sectional

What Shape Coffee Table for an L-Shaped Sectional?

When furnishing a living room with an L-shaped sectional couch, the center table can become the focal point. Selecting the right shape and style of this key piece will be important to completing the overall look of your living room.

The Perfect Shape

An ideal choice for an L-shaped sectional couch is a rounded coffee table. The curved shape contrasts nicely with the linearity of the corners of the sectional and creates a more organic feel for the living room. There are numerous options to choose from, including wood, metal and glass, and you can even play around with size and style.

A Plethora of Shapes

If a rounded table is not your preference, other options include rectangular, oval, and geometric shapes. The key is to contrast the corner shape of the sectional with the shape of the table. Rectangular tables make for a classic look, oval tables softens the overall feel of the room, and angular coffee tables creates a more modern atmosphere.

Complimentary Finishes

Finally, it is important to complete the look by choosing the right finish. To begin with, select materials that are complementary to your sectional. Also, consider however you will use the table, such as food and drinks, reading, or leisure activities, and select appropriate finishes and colors. For an effortless look, choose a matching set of tables, or mix and match sizes and materials.

Summing It Up

To invoke the perfect atmosphere in your living room, consider the following:

  • Choose the Right Shape: contrast the corner shape of your sectional with the shape of your table for a balanced look.
  • Plethora of Shapes: rounded, rectangular, oval, or geometric shapes for different moods.
  • Complimentary Finishes: select a finish and material that will be used according to your lifestyle.
  • Matching Set: complete the look by selecting a table that is a perfect match to your sectional.

The perfect choice of a coffee table will provide an inviting atmosphere to any living room with an L-shaped sectional sofa.

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