what period is my coffee table

What Period is My Coffee Table?

The coffee table is an iconic piece of furniture, great for creating a focal point, displaying treasures, and providing storage and surfaces for drinks, snacks, magazines and more. But what period is your coffee table?

Identifying the Period of Your Coffee Table

Here are a few ways to determine the age and style of your coffee table.

  • Look for Signs of Wear and Tear: Feel the edges, the details and the corners of the coffee table. Look for signs of rounding, which is an indication of wear due to years of use. This can help inform what era the table was made in.
  • Check for Circular Design Patterns: Circular arcs or circular legs are common styles and tell a lot about the period from which the coffee table originated.
  • Research Popular Designers during the Time: If you can find the designer or maker of the table, it will help you determine the period it was created. Research what furniture designers and makers were popular during the time to help confirm your findings.

Common Coffee Table Periods

Coffee tables have been popular in homes since the 1800s. Below are a few of the most common periods associated with coffee tables.

  • Victorian era: Coffee tables during the Victorian era were typically made of mahogany or walnut wood and featured ornate details and scrollwork. They may have intricate carvings, gold accents, or claw-foot legs.
  • Art Deco era: During the Art Deco era, coffee tables typically had geometric curved or shaped legs and surfaces. The most common materials were glass, Bakelite, or chrome.
  • Mid-century Modern era: During this era, coffee tables had unique, modern shapes with tapered legs in a range of materials such as wood, metal and glass.

Now that you know a few tips to help you identify the period of your coffee table, you can confidently use it in your home and confidently highlight its unique design in your décor.

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