what new in coffee table designs 2019

Coffee Table Designs 2019: New Styles, Materials and Features

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your living space or just searching for the latest trending pieces, there are plenty of new coffee table designs 2019 has to offer. Along with a bevy of new styles—colorful, contemporary, and even those with integrated lighting—you’ll find new materials, integrated storage, and unconventional shapes. Here is a breakdown of the newest trends in coffee table designs.

1. Innovative Materials

  • Mixed Media: Combining materials in one piece is a great way to make a statement. Look for coffee tables with stone, wood, and metal accents for a truly unique piece.
  • Faux Marble: Want the look of marble without the hefty price tag? Faux marble is an excellent option. This material looks and feels like the real thing, but is much more durable.
  • Natural Materials: Nature-inspired materials like bamboo and rattan are making a strong comeback in coffee table designs. You’ll find sleek and sophisticated versions with incredible craftsmanship.

2. Creative Shapes

Besides traditional rectangular designs, new coffee table designs 2019 are embracing even more creative shapes. From ovals and hexagons to circles and arches, these designs help bring a contemporary flair to your space. If you’re looking for something more sculptural, curved-leg designs and X shapes are also making appearance in many collections.

3. Integrated Storage

Coffee tables are now offering more storage options than ever. For example, many modern designs come with drawers and compartments for stowing away remote controls, magazines, books and other items. Additionally, some pieces provide shelves for displaying items and can even come with lift tops and casters for easy mobility.

4. Lighting Features

If you want to add extra flair to your space, look for coffee tables that incorporate lighting features. These eye-catching pieces use built-in or hidden illumination to create an illuminated glow or draw attention to the table. Whether subtle or bold, integrated lighting can really bring a new life to your living room.


This year, coffee table designs are embracing creative shapes, innovative materials, sleek lines, and even integrated lighting. Whether you’re searching for a classic piece or something more daring and modern, you can find plenty of great options in 2019.

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