what new in coffee table designs 2019

Coffee Table Designs 2019: Refreshing Ideas to Make Your Home Stylish

Coffee tables are an essential part of home décor and design. Keeping up with modern trends and the vibrant eco-system of the design world can be challenging – however, here are some inspiring ideas to freshen up your living space with the latest in coffee table designs for 2019.

1. Natural & Organic

One of the hottest trends this year is furniture inspired by nature. This includes materials that incorporate natural elements and organic textures. Pieces that use wood as a base are especially popular, as wood adds warmth, texture, and a timeless nature to any space.

2. Geometric & Structural

Geometry is an age-old design tool that is being widely used today to create stylish and eye-catching furniture pieces. Geometric shapes and structures offer a modern and edgy aesthetic to enhance any room. Look for pieces that feature sharp lines, architecturally interesting structures, and unique textures.

3. Unexpected Materials

Think outside the box when it comes to building your coffee table! New and unexpected materials such as metal, glass, concrete, and even plastic are being used to create creative, durable, and stylish coffee tables. Cement and resin coffee tables are especially in vogue when looking for something that’s durable, easy to maintain, and has a lot of personality.

4. Multipurpose Functionality

Stress how convenient and adaptable your coffee table can be with a piece that has multipurpose functionality. Tables with shelves and drawers are popular choices, as they provide convenient storage options and help keep clutter out of sight. Tables with hidden compartments, folding elements, and chairs under the main structure also offer stylish functionality for small spaces.

5. Industrial Chic

Tap into the industrial look this season with furnishings that feature raw materials and edgy accents. Combining metal frames with wood surfaces will bring in the rough and rugged look of the industrial age.

So there you have it! These five new trends for coffee table designs will help add a fresh new look to your home in 2019. With these ideas, you can find a piece of furniture that best suits your tastes and space – and turn your living room into an art gallery.

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