what makes a good coffee table book

What Makes a Good Coffee Table Book?

Whether you’re decorating a living room or giving a friend a special gift, a good coffee table book can be the perfect choice! Coffee table books are the perfect mix of entertaining and informative, making them the ultimate conversation starter. When selecting the right book for your living space or gifting occasion, there are a few key elements to consider.

Choose a Uplifting Theme

The overall theme of your book should be positive and uplifting. An inspiring book helps to relax the space and create a warm, inviting atmosphere. A good coffee table book has an optimistic overall message or offers vibrant images to contemplate. Select a book that helps to lighten the mood of any situation.

Choose Aesthetic Design

When selecting a book, try to focus on one with an attractive aesthetic design. Cover art, paper quality, and fonts used are all important to consider. If the design of the book looks pleasing to the eye, it’s more likely to draw the attention of visitors.

Interesting Content & Quality Flow

Interesting content is essential for a good coffee table book. Dull topics will have people quickly turning pages and leaving the book closed. The book should have plenty of content that is engaging and entertaining.

The books quality flow is also important. Content should be organized and presented in a professional, visually appealing way. Clear organization and relevant chapters will ensure a good reader experience and make the book much more interesting to flip through.

High Quality Images

High-quality images are essential for a good coffee table book. Images should be sharp and detailed, adding vibrancy and life to each page. Low quality images become dull and washed out, quickly deterring readers. If the book contains a variety of content, make sure each piece has quality visuals to back it up.


Good coffee table books provide an enjoyable visual and intellectual experience. When selecting a book, keep the following elements in mind:

  • Choose an uplifting theme that encourages positive energy.
  • Focus on aesthetic design, with a cover art and paper that look attractive.
  • Choose interesting content and quality flow.
  • Make sure the book contains high quality images.

By following these guidelines, you can rest assured that your coffee table book will be visually stimulating and a joy to experience.

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