what looks good on a coffee table

Must-have Essentials for an Instant Coffee Table Upgrade

Instantly upgrade any living room with these stylish coffee table essentials. Here is a list of only the most desirable items that will make your coffee table look refreshing and inviting:

Statement Piece

A bold piece on your coffee table can instantly draw the eyes of any visitor. Try out a large piece of art to make a conversation starter and a statement.

Textured Baskets

Baskets are multi-purpose as they serve both a decorative and a functional purpose. A woven basket can act as a decorative piece as well as a storage container for small items like remote control, magazines etc.


Books are essential for any living room. A couple stack of books on your coffee table with both decorative and useful titles will make your coffee table more inviting and interesting.


Decorative vases and candles are perfect for any living room as they bring in a sense of tranquility and warmth. Whether you opt for fragrant candles, colorful vases, or a combination of the two, you can change the atmosphere of your coffee table instantly.


Trays are perfect for organizing the clutter on your coffee table. You can use the tray to store magazines, coasters, and other small items. Plus, it helps keep the coffee table looking neat and clean.

Special Objects

Add a personal touch to your coffee table by including a few special objects that reflect your personality. Whether it be a vintage knick-knack, a souvenir from your travels, or something that has a sentimental value to you, this little addition will make your coffee table look extra special.

Finally, don’t forget the overall look, styling the table with items of different sizes and shapes to create a unique, stylish display. With these must-have elements, your coffee table will be sure to draw envy from any guest that enters your living room.

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